Now I would like to make the essential oil aromatherapy diffuser review. For the first time, this device didn’t impress me but now I’m using it with a real pleasure.

Odors can affect our body and soul, helping to find inner balance, improve mood and get rid of diseases. You may have noticed that in any place you visit there is a unique smell. Using an aroma diffuser you can regulate the odor of your house or workplace by youself.

essential oil aromatherapy diffuser

Diffuser is a device spraying aromatic oil in the air. It turns the essentials into microparticles, which are stored in air in a suspended state for several hours, destroying bacteria, fungi and refreshing the air with natural flavors.

Ultrasonic atomization is the most effective way of using aromatherapy. Such spraying significantly increases the efficiency of aromatic oils, due to a sharp increase (hundreds of thousands of times) of the surface affected by phytoncides. Additionally, as atomized substance acquires a new quality, its particles become electrically charged and therefore easier to settle in the airways, alveoli of the lungs. And yet, the components of aromatic oils immediately fall into the blood and lymph, bypassing the stomach and liver, and this way is more physiological, natural and effective. Generally, these units have elegant design with LED backlight, which helps relaxation.

essential oil aromatherapy diffuser

For centuries, people have used the art of aromatherapy to increase well-being and provide pleasure. Essential oils contribute to a balanced lifestyle and create peace and tranquility in the body and soul. Neways essential oils are supplied from separate plantations, which means that they are clean and of the highest quality.

Practical advice on the use:

  • Only pure essential oils or its mixtures (or as an aqueous solution) can be sprayed through the diffuser.
  • Never use essential oils diluted with mixing oil or tangible massage lotion.
  • The duration of one procedure for spraying essential oils through the diffuser is 10 to 30 minutes. Then the appliance switches off for 2 hours. There are 6 programs of the device for your convenience in the processor of the device.
  • After the procedure, do not ventilate the room so that the effect of essential oils lasts as long as possible.
  • The duration of the course of treatment is determined by subjective sensations and objective data, confirming the improvement in the dynamics of the disease or complete cure.
  • It is not contraindicated for children to be in a room where oils are sprayed.