Are you going to be lost in the sea of versatile info surfing the web? Do you require respective assistance with recognition of hair type? Most crucial, do you desire strongly to match both variants- your type of the hair and respective hair styling tools?

Below you will find precious knowledge what brush that straightens hair for you is the best option – hair straightening brush or flat iron.

  1. Possibility for damage and safety.

Plates of irons are close tightly to your strands and it is still a chance to get damages and burns. Brush glides gently through your strands, you will prefer to utilize straightener than flat iron. Bristles of the brush provide protected function, you should breathe easily with it.

  1. Time spent on the straightening process.

Taking into account safety and avoidance of burns, straightening process should be longer that with the brush at once. Depends on type of your strands, you have opportunity to choose iron in case of thick or really curled hair. In case of slim hair strands, it is more convenient to choose the brush as it just combs your hair without any efforts from your side.

brush that straightens hair

  1. Expected volume.

You should realize one small fact about these two tools- flat iron provides only straighten effect, actually your hair locks remain flat. Brush has similar function, but you will be delightful by one bonus – your hair will get additional volume. It is great benefit for those ladies who dream to be owner of overwhelming thatch.

  1. Utilization daily.

Frequency of utilization of both styling tools depends on your goal and everyday habits. Flat iron is much better to utilize rarely and you do not desire to lose radiance and brilliance of hair locks. If you are used to straighten your strands every single day, please be so kind to make choice towards to straightening brush. Its impact on your hair is gentle, soft and gives you expected brilliance.

  1. Extra function

One more benefit which is proposed by the brush is massage function. It is wholesome and pleasant for your follicles on the scalp. Please be prepared to realise it before your walk to the bed and your locks will gladden you most of precious time.

  1. If talking about cost of brush or iron,

please be informed that straightening brushes are usually cheaper than irons, but it depends on respective brand. Well known brand is able to be more expensive. Such companies provide high quality ceramic materials which is best option available these days.